Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination Global Finals Recap

By Madeline

Since September, Team Wonderland BookSavers worked on a Destination Imagination project. The challenge this year was entitled the “Meme Event” and in this challenge we were required to create a meme which promoted our project, collaborate with community partners, and hold a community event. We chose to showcase our Haitian-Creole book donating project, and we created a play to theatrically portray the many different components of our project.

After winning first place at the Connecticut Destination Imagination States contest, we were qualified to compete at the Global Finals competition of Destination Imagination in Knoxville Tennessee. Over 8,000 students from 20 countries convened in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee to vie in the Global Finals contest.


Going to Globals was an incredible, cultural experience. We traded pins with kids from other states and countries, and we attended several parties and events. Our team went to the duct tape ball, where we made and wore duct tape dresses and duct tape tuxedos.


Wearing our duct tape suits and dresses at the duct tape ball

We attended the passport/international party, where we learned about different countries and tasted different foods. We also were able to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies.

Our incredible 2016 Destination Imagination journey ended after the closing ceremony. We placed 25th in our category, and we will look forward to enhancing our project and skills for next year’s competition.

Wonderland BookSavers full Destination Imagination Global Finals performance

Wonderland BookSavers win the Destination Imagination States Competition!

By Madeline

Today, Team WBS competed in the Connecticut States Destination Imagination Tournament. After driving one and a half hours to arrive at Connecticut College for the Destination Imagination competition, we unpacked our props, practiced, and eagerly awaited the time to present our play.


preparing for the states competition

Our practice and preparation paid off! Each team member did an amazing job remembering lines and cues, and created an engaging, theatrical representation of our project.


organizing our props before the play started

In the afternoon, we partook in a hat-making contest, where we attached our team flag to a paper cup/duct tape/paper plate hat constructed Brooks Morgan and the rest of the team. After we created the hat, we marched around in the parade of teams, and then we took our seats for the awards ceremony. After much anticipation, our division was called, and we discovered that we had won first place! We are now looking forward to the next level of competition: The Destination Imagination Global Finals, which will be held in May. The team has worked tirelessly, and we are all excited to progress to the next level.


after the awards ceremony with our medals

Thank you Destination Imagination for helping us imagine the world as a better place with one book, one child, and one school at a time!

Team Wonderland BookSavers Heads to Destination Imagination States

By Madeline

Months of hard work is about to come to fruition. Every year, Team WBS competes in the competition Destination Imagination. The Destination Global Finals are held every year in Knoxville, Tennessee, and teams ranging from elementary age students to college students participate in five different categories of challenges and four different age groups. Students 45 states and 17 countries will be participating at the Global Finals.


At the globals competition in 2015

However, in order to qualify for Globals, we must win first place in our division at the Connecticut State competition. The challenge this year is dubbed “The Meme Event” and in this challenge our team was required to make a meme to promote our project, create a timeline with specific dates and locations regarding our project, and hold a community event to integrate our community in our service work. Destination Imagination has helped our team with requirements in past projects. The first year Wonderland BookSavers competed in DI, we had to make a video about our project. The second year we had to incorporate an elevator pitch. In our third year, we were required to expand our team’s brand, and create a jingle. All these past requirements have proved to be useful in expanding our project.


We chose to use our Haitian-Creole book and Sneetch-Event project as our featured project in our DI challenge, and we have created a play incorporating our steps, successes, and failed aspects of this project.

The team has worked tirelessly on this project since September, and we are eager to compete at the states level of Destination Imagination tomorrow. Wish us luck!