One Book: One World

 Literacy for All

As Wonderland BookSavers, we naturally love to read.  We began as a book club, and we continue as a book club. In fact, our entire mission has always been Inspired by Literature!  We choose literature, non-fiction, poetry, mythology, any genre.  Then we each read our book, join for discussions, and create a Project inspired by our reading. Would you like to join us?  Let’s see what we are reading this month…

A School for My Village by Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

Village book coverThis is an autobiographical account of a Ugandan man who was so moved by the plight of HIV orphans in his community that he became determined to provide free education, shelter and food for this group of abandoned and homeless children.

Jackson teachingTold with compassion, humor and honesty, the reader is given insight into the difficulties and aspirations of these young Ugandan children.

Patience book coverThrough prayer and persistence, Jackson is gradually able to achieve his goal: one classroom and one grade at a time.

sitwe_worshipThis is a beautiful and important story of generosity, faith and education working together to support and unite children and give them a chance to enhance their own lives, families and communities.


We look forward to partnering with Jackson in his important mission, and plan to send a shipment of our books to his students in Uganda.  We hope you will consider helping Jackson as well, you can learn more about his work here: Nyaka School

If you want to join us, just grab a copy of A School for My Village and follow along.  We’d love to hear from you if you are joining our Wonderland BookSavers book club!


Next Book:  The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel.

This book is found in several levels, adult, student and child, as well as several versions (Faith, Grace, Truth).  Choose one and enjoy as Lee Strobel interviews believers, atheists, philosophers and scholars on the all important question concerning Christianity: Was Jesus the son of God?