Our Mission

“Our Mission is to help children realize the magical awesomeness of reading!”


Over 825,000 Books Donated

doc50c8e21769e339343076111New Beginnings Family Academy, Bridgeport Connecticut (685 books)

Project Appalachia, Appalachia, West Virginia (approximately 3000 books)

Haitian Educational Initiatives, Jacmel Haiti (approximately 50 French language books)

Refugees from Vietnam, Cuba, the Sudan, Afghanistan, and Iraq through HelpingOthersIntegrated Refugee Immigration Services, New Haven, Connecticut (35 book and blanket packages)

Sithembele Matiso High School, Nyanga, Cape Town, South Africa (approximately 700 upper level textbooks)

Honduras Outreach, Honduras (approximately 50 Spanish language books)

IMG_4131St. Rose Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut (100 teddy bear and poetry book gift bags for healing in the wake of the Newtown shooting, helped start a book drive at the school that collected approximately 1000 books for Project Appalachia)

US Africa Children’s Fellowship, Zimbabwe (approximately 7,500 children’s books)

US Africa 2Anglican Seminaries, Africa, through Theological Book Network (approximately 1500 theological texts from the private library of Reverend Boone Porter)

Department of Children and Families, Bridgeport Connecticut (60 picture books and child care books)

In addition to these donations, the Wonderland BookSavers campaigned to restore $350,000 worth of funding to Pequot Library in Southport Connecticut.  We spoke 628x471at a protest rally, put signs around our neighborhood, created a film, and spoke at the town meeting.  Funding was restored.

Dunbar School, Bridgeport, Connecticut (approximately 300 books)

Read School, summer literacy program, Bridgeport, Connecticut (approximately IMG_2138300 books)

Barnum School Bridgeport, Connecticut (approximately 300 books)

Literacy Program, Bridgeport Public Library (approximately 200 bi-lingual books)

US Africa Children’s Fellowship, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa (approximately 25,000 children’s books, 1,500 pairs of shoes, 50 boxes of clothes and countless school supplies)

Peru-children-1024_137200kLima and Cuzco, Peru (approximately 100 children’s books, 100 boxes of bandages, various small toys)

Many additional donations have been made both domestically and internationally.

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