A school-wide book drive is a great (and easy!) community service project.  Henry Brooks will tell you just how it’s done!

Henry Brooks’ School Book Drive

I asked the teachers at my school, Fairfield Country Day, if the Wonderland BookSavers could have a book drive. The next day at school, I had to make an announcement at lunch about the book drive. I was very nervous to speak in front of the lower and middle school. I was worried that kids might not understand our mission.  With the help of my 4th grade class, boxes were placed around the school. IMG_1937Kids brought in bags and bags of books.Within a week almost 1,000 books were collected.IMG_1978I, along with my classmates in the 4th grade, carried all of the boxes to my mother’s car. We then drove some of the books to the Read school in Bridgeport, CT.IMG_1938We were excited to visit Read school.  When we got there we were surprised to see that the library had so many empty shelves.  IMG_1942This school serves grades Pre-K through 8, so 10 grades of students.  I was glad we could contribute our books.

US Africa 2The rest of the books went to children in Peru and Zimbabwe. ea41c183d9f41532edcd0beb1863c761

Even though I was nervous to lead this project at my school, I felt good when the children received the books.  


  1. Hi, your recent coverage in the CT Post has caught my eye.
    I’m a retired Reading Consultant with a huge collection of children’s books.
    are you interested in having them?

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