Destination Imagination Global Finals Recap

By Madeline

Since September, Team Wonderland BookSavers worked on a Destination Imagination project. The challenge this year was entitled the “Meme Event” and in this challenge we were required to create a meme which promoted our project, collaborate with community partners, and hold a community event. We chose to showcase our Haitian-Creole book donating project, and we created a play to theatrically portray the many different components of our project.

After winning first place at the Connecticut Destination Imagination States contest, we were qualified to compete at the Global Finals competition of Destination Imagination in Knoxville Tennessee. Over 8,000 students from 20 countries convened in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee to vie in the Global Finals contest.


Going to Globals was an incredible, cultural experience. We traded pins with kids from other states and countries, and we attended several parties and events. Our team went to the duct tape ball, where we made and wore duct tape dresses and duct tape tuxedos.


Wearing our duct tape suits and dresses at the duct tape ball

We attended the passport/international party, where we learned about different countries and tasted different foods. We also were able to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies.

Our incredible 2016 Destination Imagination journey ended after the closing ceremony. We placed 25th in our category, and we will look forward to enhancing our project and skills for next year’s competition.

Wonderland BookSavers full Destination Imagination Global Finals performance

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