Wonderland BookSavers’ Partner and Sponsor, Zoe Barry

By Madeline

Zoe Barry, the founder and CEO of ZappRx, is a partner and sponsor of Wonderland BookSavers.

ZappRxLogo copy

She, along with ZappRx, has assisted us in several of our projects and endeavors. Recently, Zoe won the award ONEin3. She donated the money she won with her award to Wonderland BookSavers so we could purchase Haitian-Creole books for the schools and kids we work with in Haiti.

creole books

Haitian-Creole books

After winning the award, Zoe helped us arrange a visit to Tufts Medical Center’s Floating Hospital for Children in downtown Boston. The hospital uses a program called Reach Out and Read to check children’s literacy and give children a book every time they go to the hospital.


A Reach Out and Read poster at the hospital

The hospital was running low on books, and since ZappRx is involved in the medical business, Zoe helped to organize a book donation for the hospital. Team WBS boxed 2,000 books, managed to squeeze the team, the books, and a handcart in the car, and embarked on the trip from Fairfield, Connecticut to Boston, Massachusetts.

Upon arrival, we met with Zoe’s team and began to transport the books from our car and into the hospital.


We pushed and carried our loads of books into the hospital, received a tour, and then proceeded to stock the shelves with our books.

floatinghospitalbooks fullhospitalshelves.JPG

We were able to fill the shelves and left a surplus of books for the hospital to restock.

Apart from participating in Wonderland BookSavers’ projects, Zoe enjoys doing community service work, especially in regards to helping animals. In the past, she has worked in Alaska saving eagles. Recently, Zoe fostered and formally adopted a bunny from the MSPCA.


Zoe Barry, Founder and CEO of ZappRx

Zoe understands the importance of literature and the power it wields. With regards to our donation to the hospital, Zoe said “…their bookshelves were so empty.. and just to know that children who are so scared in a hospital setting…are able to read a book and have comfort in a story, its really great.”

With regards to her success in the business world and winning ONEin3, Zoe stated: “Literature can help you run a business. I told a story. I painted a picture with words about how and why I founded ZappRx, what the mission was, how painful it is to not have access to a medication, what happens to a patient when they can’t have access to a medication, and how this inspired me to found ZappRx. And when you have a core mission and you can articulate it well, you can spread that passion centric to founder and spread it to other team members and really motivate people to overcome all odds and put a product to the market and be successful.”

Thank you to Zoe and ZappRx for all of their help! We hope that you continue to make the world a better place whether it is alongside Wonderland BookSavers or with endeavors of your own.


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