WBS Junior: Completing the Pumpkin Craft

By Madeline

Halloween crept closer, and each day Ella and Wills impatiently anticipated adding more feature to their pumpkins. Wills was so excited, he managed to get a hold of the pumpkin features, and peeled off all of the backing. However, Ella promptly reported the incident, and I put all the adhesive black foam features on a sheet of wax paper so that Ella and Wills could continue adding parts of the pumpkin face each day.

Here are pictures of Ella and Wills putting together their pumpkins.


Wills Pirate Pumpkin

Wills sitting by our pirate jack-o-lantern.

pumpkins 27

Ella and Wills’ pumpkins in our kitchen.

Today, the stem was supposed to be put on the pumpkin. However, since Ella and Wills had their pumpkins hanging in our kitchen as art, we added the stems earlier.


On this day, Ella and Wills put mouths on their pumpkins.

Ella Wills 28 Ella putting on mouth Wills putting on mouth


Next, it was time to add the nose.

Ella 29 Ella putting on noseWills 29 Wills putting on noseWills sticking on nose pumpkins mouth nose


Then, they added their ears.

Ella putting on ears Ella 30 Wills 30

Wills making a scary face next to his pumpkin


Finally, Ella and Wills adorned eyes on their pumpkins.

Ella 31 Wills 31 Finished pumpkins

Ella and Wills finished their pumpkins just in time for Halloween!

halloween party

Ella and Wills at a Halloween party

trick or treating

Everyone trick-or-treating

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