Appetites, Balloons and Culture

After reading the book The Twenty-One Balloons, The Wonderland BookSavers noticed the unique restaurant-government that the people of Krackatoa conformed to. Each family, (whose last names were actually letters ranging from A to T) alternated the days of each month hosting everyone on the island at their family’s restaurant. Each family prepared cuisine that coordinated with their letter. For instance, Mr and Mrs. F had a French restaurant, which they hosted at their French-inspired home. Similarly, Mr. and Mrs. C cooked Chinese food on their night of each month. The restaurant government consisted of each family contributing a proportionate part to the community by providing dinner once a month.

So, the Wonderland BookSavers researched countries and cultures that began with the same letters as our names. 

Reid prepared beef stroganoff and tea, a meal similar to one found in a Russian tearoom. 

Brooks created a Bolivian salad. It was colorful, cultural and enjoyable!

 Claire made spicy Cuban chicken with a citrus glaze. 
Emma stewed an Equadorian quinoa soup and assisted Brooks Morgan in making origami sailboats out of the napkins. They made for a very summery centerpiece!

Finally, for dessert, Brooks Morgan made us lemonade and Belgium chocolate mousse. It was a delicious end to our delectable dinner!

Once finished with our meal, the Wonderland BookSavers focused on a different aspect of the book: the inventions. The Twenty-One Balloons, as its title suggests, is inspired and laden with inventions that feature balloons, such as Professor William Waterman Sherman’s balloon- supported home, or the escape platform that saves the lives of the Krackatoans. So, we set out to create an automated marble track

However, after a while, the pool and summer weather beckoned to us.  We pulled on our bathing suits and hopped into the pool as an end to our book meet!


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