The Goose River Exchange

By Claire

We recently visited Camden, Maine. Friends of ours, recognizing our love of literature and used books, recommended a unique antique bookstore called The Goose River Exchange.

As we entered, we were greeted with posters from all eras, prints of every kind. First edition and rare books were clustered on the panoramic shelves of the tiny shop. The next room brimmed with archived magazines and historic political propaganda. 

After situating ourselves on the rickety stools in the back room, we spent almost an hour leafing through the books and magazines.  We admired the intricate illustrations of old treasured books, whose illustrious wisdom shines just as bright as it did in its era, despite sitting neglected on a dusty shelf for so long. 

Perhaps some of the most exciting finds at the shop were two books that we had read for our book club. These were John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, and one we recently read, William Pene Du Bois’ The Twenty One Balloons. 


The ancient, fabric-clad edition of The Pilgrim’s Progress from 1898 was bedecked with stunning illustrations. I was reminded of the tedious work of medieval monks as I flipped through the visually astounding pages. 

The second edition of The Twenty-one Balloons looked almost like the modern hardcover edition available today. Yet, with a closer look at the faded pages, we discovered that it was signed by the author!

The Goose River Exchange is a truly unique bookstore, with attentive and knowledgeable staff. The plethora of books contained within the walls of that tiny shop are diverse, informative, and beautiful. We definitely recommend that you visit!

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