Boxes of Blankets Delivered: to Syrian Refugees Residing in Jordan

When our friend Mark approached us with his latest endeavor; Collect One, we were delighted to participate. Mark had a simple idea, if each of his colleagues collected one item, but at least 50 boxes of that item, collectively we would be able to send an entire shipping container of needed items to a refugee camp in Jordan.

We decided to send blankets, as our books are mostly written in English.


Our blankets are all handmade, and as we were heading to Destination Imagination Global Finals in Knoxville, TN, we decided to bring all our fabrics with us for a grand international adventure in blanket making.


The kids at DI helped tremendously, and everywhere we went we gathered our friends and busily made blankets. Finally our quota was complete.

We were able to join the caravan of cars circling the block in Brooklyn as car after car unloaded their boxes.


Our blankets joined hundreds of others. Mark’s trucks and container was overflowing. He called a friend and was able to immediately secure and fill an entire second container!

Jordan 7

We were invited to join the small group journeying to Jordan to directly distribute the various items, however we were unable to join.

Jordan 14

Mark brought back pictures, and stories, and a determination to do it all again!

Jordan 13

We are so grateful

Jordan 12

to be able to

Jordan 6

help in this small way

Jordan 10

and to know that our blankets

Jordan 11

are keeping children warm in Jordan!

Jordan 9

Favorite item internationally: the soccer ball!

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I am a happy-go-lucky homeschooling mom of 8 kids ages 4-27. We love to eat, laugh and learn. And yes, our house is a bit of a mess, despite our best efforts.

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