Knot Yet a Blanket, Always a Book: Hospital Cheer Brown Bagged

Knot Yet a Blanket Funding Opportunity

When planning our goals for this year we reflected upon some unexpected medical challenges that our team members recently encountered. These experiences increased our sense of vulnerability and deepened our appreciation for expressions of random kindness from others. We decided that this year, in addition to donating books, we really wanted to reach out directly to children who are hospitalized. We know, from personal experience, that kindness really matters and small gestures of compassion have great impact when everything else seems out of control.


posing with the hospital clowns as we donate blankets

In previous years we have donated blankets, as well as books to children’s organizations as well as to immigration service organizations.

This year, after several extensive hospital stays by different WBS team members, we decided that entertainment, as well as comfort would be the way to go. And so we developed the idea of Knot Yet a Blanket kits, a blanket kit that child patients can easily make themselves while resting in bed.

The patterns are bright and friendly. The fabrics are soft and warm.

We want the blankets to be safe and clean, so we make them in a pet-free, sterile environment and then seal them in plastic.

But we want to make the packaging fun so we paint all the bags by hand. In fact, we sent 100’s of bags to different schools to be painted by students in various Art Departments. These bags will be sent back to us in April. Our goal, as always, is to have as many kids as possible participate in our mission. Painting bags provides the perfect opportunity for all our Title I schools to partner with us and help make a meaningful contribution.


And since we are all about literacy (always!) we include a book!

Our very first blanket went directly to our favorite-of-all-time-best-ever children’s librarian, Susan. Our prayers are with you, Susan, every minute of every day. We are here with you, awaiting your miracle.


Our first Knot Yet a Blanket & Book donation has gone to Lehigh Valley Hospital Muhlenberg Campus Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Ward in Allentown Pennsylvania. Shannon, our WBS friend and long-time volunteer with the pediatric oncology program will share them with the patients during their chemotherapy sessions.

We are scheduled to make our next Knot Yet a Blanket deliveries to Yale-New Haven Pediatric Hospital in New Haven Connecticut, Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in Lebanon New Hampshire. These will be delivered in April.


Unlike our book donations, blankets are not recycled, and so we need to raise funds for this project. Each blanket has a tag from the sponsoring donor, handwritten by Reid.


We would love to have you have your donation and send your blanket on with love!

Knot Yet a Blanket Funding Opportunity

Please consider joining us in this mission! You may send your blanket (s) in the name of someone you love.  Kindness counts, we know from personal experience!


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